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Where and how to make money on writing an essay abroad: checklist

If you are one of those who “clicks” an essay like nuts, and writes essays in a couple of hours as well as a well-known author, you can make good money on this
All students are conditionally divided into two types: those to whom creative work is easy and those who cannot tolerate such formats as an essay, essays, essays. And here it is important to understand: the second type of students is by no means slobs or lazy. They just have a different mindset, they succeed in technical specialties, but alas, with a creative direction, a complete failure happens. A good education system necessarily takes into account these nuances and is designed to maximize the full development of the individual and specialist.

But if you are one of those who “clicks” an essay like nuts, and writes essays in a couple of hours as well as a well-known author, you can make good money on this. The main thing is to find the right cooperation with students of the second type.

2 ways to make money on writing an essay Let's see what are the ways to make money on their creative work:

help your friends. The easiest option is to run the word of mouth. Notify all friends that you are engaged in the preparation of creative content, and even if your help will not be necessary for someone of them personally, you will be recommended to your friends. True, this option does not always bring a steady stream of customers;

register on a special exchange of essay projects. Today, hundreds of online companies hire talented authors. By registering, say, on the helpwriter.com service, you can receive regular orders with a nice payment.

Many people prefer the second method, because it accumulates almost complete independence. Plus, working in a large project will make it possible to collect quite a decent portfolio and many positive recommendations.

Many novice authors wonder whether it is legal to provide services for writing essays and other creative materials and can I take money for it? Experts explain that working in the first way (with the involvement of friends and acquaintances) is quite risky: you do not pay taxes with the money received, which means that you will automatically come into the view of the tax police. But working for a company is a completely legal form of earnings.

Cheap essay writing services are usually officially registered and are taxable tax payers: all of their clients are reflected in transparent accounting, and the authors are equal to employees who receive fees for work.
How much can you earn on the essay:

average cost per 1 sheet of essay - $ 15-20;urgent orders that need to be completed within 3-6 hours are paid twice as expensive;

The average size of the essay (3-5 pages) will bring the author $ 50-70.